How To Apply


We can provide high-quality and excellent divorce coordination services, and the family court takes over 2000 new divorce cases every month. Besides, we manage divorce files and progress processes with leading IT technology, and provide high-quality and excellent divorce petition services to increase customer satisfaction. The services shall include: divorce application, alimony, child custody, assets distribution, separation paper, separation deed and certificate of separation.

* *Divorce application: * the company will 「deal with the divorce petition as soon as possible」, and will obtain a divorce order within the shortest time to ensure that the Applicant for Divorce can settle the case as soon as possible.
* * Alimony: * at the same time, the company will assist the Applicant for Divorce to apply for alimony.
* * Child custody: * at the same time, the company will assist the Applicant for Divorce to apply for child custody.
* * Asset distribution: *distribute assets in the process of divorce procedure, such as property, bank deposit as well as relevant rights and interests.


In determining the amount of alimony, the divorce court will consider a variety of factors, such as the following items of the marriage parties:
* respective income
* earning capacity
* property and financial resources
* Respective economic requirements
* financial ability of parents
* obligations and responsibilities
* their contribution to family happiness and other factors
* behavior of the parents
* family living standard before marriage break.
After the order of alimony is issued, the divorce court may also determine the level of alimony again when the situation changes or new evidence is obtained, such as the remarriage of the payer and the new family burden. However, since the divorce courts do not have any resources to investigate the matter, and the Applicant does not conduct in-depth investigations, some people can successfully or deliberately conceal property to reduce the amount of alimony. In fact, the evidence relied on is disclosed by both parties by affidavit, which is not enough to be investigated.


Considerations for judgment of child custody, alimony and asset distribution-「Three Rights and Interests」in the process of applying for divorce: The Applicant of Divorce shall be entitled to apply for child custody * and alimony for themselves and their children in accordance with Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance*. In case they have assets, such as property or bank deposits, they can ask the divorce court to decide how to divide them. How the divorce court decides the child custody: when the divorce court judges the child custody, it shall concentrate on 「welfare and interest of the child」, and the child is not the「property」of the parents. The factors that may affect the so-called 「welfare of the child」include: * age and needs of the child * past care arrangements * wishes of the child, parents’ ability to raise and take care of the child, parents’ economic ability, and parents’ behavior. The wife shall never think that since her financial ability is weaker than her husband’s, she decides to lose. The divorce court may take several factors into consideration, and will compare the advantages and disadvantages of both the husband and the wife. For example, the husband does not know the child, the husband has little communication with the child, or the fact that the husband will bring negative effects on the growth of child.


As for distribution of assets, such as property, bank deposits as well as rights and interests in divorce procedures, the divorce court shall consider both parties’ payment in money, the first installment of the purchase of the house, the cost of reprinting and the payment for the house and non-money investment (giving up going out to work to earn money and being a full-time mom), besides, the court will also take the above factors into consideration.